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Our house-made sauce and mozzarella cheese encased in our house-made dough with your choice of 2 pizza toppings

(Select up to 2) Toppings:Pepperoni Mushrooms Green Peppers Onions Ham Italian Sausage Meatballs Black Olives Pineapple Bacon Tomato Banana Peppers Anchovies Ricotta Cheese Jalapenos Spinach Garlic Chicken Feta Cheese Extra Cheese
(Select Any) Toppings:Pepperoni +$0.75Mushrooms +$0.75Green Peppers +$0.75Onions +$0.75Ham +$0.75Italian Sausage +$0.75Meatballs +$0.75Black Olives +$0.75Pineapple +$0.75Bacon +$0.75Tomato +$0.75Banana Peppers +$0.75Anchovies +$0.75Ricotta Cheese +$0.75Jalapenos +$0.75Spinach +$0.75Garlic +$0.75Chicken +$0.75Feta Cheese +$0.75Extra Cheese +$0.75